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Sights in and around Araruna

In and around Araruna, there are many sights that may be visited. We gladly organize an individual program for you. A few examples:



You could visit one of our water projects in the community Muquem. You are free to plant seedlings on your own within the scope of our reforestation project or to visit our animal project. This is a memorable experience, especially for children.


Nova Carnauba

The scenic village Nova Carnauba at about 10 km from Araruna offers a fantastic view and two spectacular water projects. The fruit plantations of Marzinho, who we support especially with our plant seedlings, are always worth a visit.



You also have the chance to visit our bee projects in Barbaço or in Varelo de Baixo. After a short introduction to bees you are free to centrifuge honey yourself and taste Brazilian honey directly from the honey combs.


Trip to Pedra da Boca

Associated by a trained guide you will get to know the scenic landscape around the "Pedra da Boca" (Rock of the Mouth). Let's follow the Indios' tracks and discover real cave paintings. Let's have a refreshing bath in the natural baths or go on a trip to one of the misterious bat caves. An experience hike on the intricate paths of the national park or climbing the Pedra da Boca with subsequent roping will make it a memorable trip for you!


Community Work

If you wish to actively contribute to the projects, you may organize the community work for a family. You can also take part in this community work. Depending on the situation you may become donator of a new roof, a new room or new sanitation installations and furthermore actively help in completing the works.


Children's Party

Join a meeting of our children's group. We may organize an unforgettable party with prayer, games and joy for these children. Experience happy, singing, dancing and playing children who - thanks to you - have a joyful day in their plagued lifes.



Please contact us, if you are interested. We gladly provide you with more detailed information and, on request, create an individual holiday program for you in Araruna!

The guest rooms are in the second floor of our education center. The 13 rooms provide accommodation for about 25 people. The rooms are furnished according to European standards and have bedroom, bathroom and shower. There is a shared bathroom and shower for commonly used rooms. Breakfast is included in the price. Furthermore, there is a commonly used room in the second floor with a drinkwater well, books and magazines.

We offer hammocks for rent. We also have a washing service and internet access.


Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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