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Capacity Development

Dear reader,

Araruna is a small town with 20,000 inhabitants in the state of Paraíba in the northeast of Brazil, one of the dryest and poorest areas of the country.

In the inland, there are years with only a few days of rainfall. Especially peasants and their families suffer from these difficult conditions. Since 2000, their support is the main goal of our projects.

Father Christian Muffler has been priest in Brazil for more than 40 years. He got to know and carried out many projects. When Father Christian was relocated in 2001, I decided to continue the projects in Araruna, which were started by him, and preferably to expand them.

By means of our work, we want to create better living conditions for poor people in the long term. In order to accomplish that, we strive for "Capacity Development", which is based on motivation and initiative of the supported. Instead of externally planned help in the original sense of development assistance, we strive for development cooperation which is planned and carried out together with the local people. In our projects, we use proven and tested methods and preferably do without expensive technology or machines. An integral part of our work is the permanent personal contact to the supported families. We always try to guarantee an ecologically sound and economically reasonable organization of our activities.

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If you think that our work deserves to be supported, we would appreciate your comments, cooperation and donations. Due to the extremely bad conditions in Araruna, even a small contribution may have an enormous effect.

Many thanks for your interest and your help!

Dr. Alexander Fink


Success Stories

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Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

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