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Education - Basis for Independence

Adult Education

We offer several courses for adults in our education center in Araruna.

Since the adults' education is often insufficient, we offer courses in basic skills such as reading or writing. We also teach practical skills such as domestic economy as well as courses for our beekeepers and for the tree nursery.Furthermore, we offer courses in artificial education such as drawing or handicraft. The lecture room is also used by our Hip Hop dancing group in order to practice their choreographies.

The courses are taught by our employees, volunteers and partners, e. g. members of the University of Bananeiras and the Brazilian governmental organization SEBRAE.


Scholarship Program

In cooperation with Passo Fundo e.V., we award scholarships to especially gifted and socially committed young Brazilians from our region. At the moment, 13 scholars funded within this project study at the universities in Araruna and Guarabira. We enable them to study by means of monthly scholarships of about 70 to 150 euros (about 100 to 200 US dollars).

The scholars chosen by us excel in their grades and especially in their social commitment. They obligated themselves to pay back the money after their graduation in order to enable other scholars to study. They are also committed in social projects during their studies. Close personal contact is very important for us and serves as a base for a hopefully successful and sustainable project.

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Adult Education Cost for one course (beekeepers, tree nursery, etc.): about 100 euros (about 135 US dollars)

Scholarships: University scholarship for one student per semester: 400 to 900 euros (about 550 to 1,200 US dollars)




For more pictures from our education projects, please see our gallery.




Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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