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Help for People from our Communities

Visiting poor and sick people

Care and maintenance of poor, sick and disabled people is not always guaranteed due to the weak social system in Araruna. Many of these people in need do not even have money to buy food or the most important things for their living. However, there is a person in Araruna who takes care of these people. Seu Damião and his friends regularly visit the people in need in Araruna. They bring food and medicine, they provide help in washing, shaving and other tasks. Even visiting these people, listening to them and giving them the sentiment that somebody cares for them are often important contributions. Seu Damião has already retired and receives a small old-age pension which enables him to completely dedicate himself to this task. We support him with about 150 euros (about 200 US dollars) per month to buy food or vital things for the people in need.


Mutirão - Community Work

Mutirão is community work carried out by volunteers: People meet in order to help families in need by providing their work. The possible extent may be anything from building a bathroom up to a complete house. Many people do not have the financial means to plaster their walls or to install a bathroom door. The volunteers do not receive any money. The only compensation is the joy they bring to the people. They meet for breakfast at 7 AM and start working afterwards. First break: 9 AM Lunch: 11:30 AM Second break: 2 PM End: 4 PM. We help them organizing, pay for the materials (cement, sand, etc.) and the food.


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Visiting poor and sick people: monthly cost (support for Seu Damião, medicine, etc.): about 150 euros (about 200 US dollars)

Mutirão: depending on size and type of the project and the materials required: 200-500 euros (about 270 to 675 US dollars)


For more pictures from our community work projects, please see our gallery.


Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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